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The Greatest Leaders Care. Become a Care to Lead Leader.

If service is above you, leadership is beyond you. I wrote in a recent post the need for leaders to connect during these trying times. People are looking to leadership to help guide them through hard things. They are watching them, listening to them and are hopefully inspired them. Leaders who have successfully led people […] Read more

Free Hugs Love and Leadership

I found this inspirational leadership video gem the other day. This is a story about Tim who is the phenomenal owner of the restaurant, Tim’s Place. What makes it all so very special is that Tim has Down Syndrome and is the only known owner of a restaurant with this disability. You will see why […] Read more

Leadership by example story.

I heard it once said that a good example has twice the value of good advice. I came across a powerful leadership story that I would like to share and that highlights what leading by example is all about.