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Leadership Story of Dying Tree – Leaders – It is About the Small Things

Leadership story about paying attention to the seemingly small things There is a story told by the late American Pastor Harry Emerson Fosdick that has strong leadership implications. He tells about how in the mountains of Colorado lies the ruins of a gigantic tree which had stood for hundreds of years. It was a seedling […] Read more

Great Leaders Nurture

Sometimes people just need someone to listen to them. Other times they just need a little understanding and a sensitive act of service. I love this video and wanted to share it. I believe it can transform the way you look at things as a leader. It has already had a large impact on my thinking.

This video may not be a typical leadership story, but its lesson is inspiring and can help leaders realize that simple things can mean so much to a person whether they are journeying to eternal life, or sojourning longer in this one.

I love stories about leaders who care. President and CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Paul Levy is one of those leaders. He doesn’t just say he cares, but shows it. Faced with the prospect of laying off 600 employees, he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. This is a leader who truly understands that the “C” and “E” in CEO should stand for caring and empathy. He saw these 600 employees as people with families. Many of them were lower wage workers who if given a “pink slip” would only be a paycheck or two from losing their homes.

As companies continue to lay off thousands of people, this company found an innovative way to keep the people they care about (all of their employees and families) and prevent families and lives from undo adversity and possible poverty. How did they do it? By setting up what they call “alternative work.” Work that was contracted out is now done by employees. They even have a corporate garden that employees work in and sell.