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Increase Team Loyalty Through Better Leadership Loyalty – Defend Teams, Celebrate Team and Promote Teams

Leaders that defend, celebrate and promote their teams demonstrate loyalty and in return gain loyalty. All three of these behaviors have a huge impact on how you are perceived as a leader and what you get in return from your team(s). Let’s review each of them in more detail. 1. Defend. A friend of mine […] Read more

Celebrating Success – Hi Five

A Leader must learn to celebrate the success of others You would think that people would be excited when those around them do well.  However, I’m finding that this is not as common as you would want to believe. People will say and even act as if they want you to succeed, but in reality they […] Read more

By doing these two simple things at the end of each project or goal completion you will ensure that teams stay more motivated and perform more efficiently and effectively with every project and goal.