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Learn to Celebrate the Successes of Others

Celebrating Success – Hi Five

A Leader must learn to celebrate the success of others

You would think that people would be excited when those around them do well.  However, I’m finding that this is not as common as you would want to believe. People will say and even act as if they want you to succeed, but in reality they don’t want you to succeed “that Well”!

Ask yourself, when is the last time that you celebrated the success of someone else? Think back with me to the occasion when your friend’s son or daughter accomplished something of significance like graduating from cosmetology school, making the school honor roll for the first time, completing a mission trip to a third world country helping kids to learn “English,” or landing a teaching position after attempting to pass the certification test three times.

What were your true inner feelings? Amazing isn’t it?

We conveniently “forgot” about it, OR we were just too busy at work to stop by their house. Even worse, we sometimes use the excuse of being too tired. And the best excuse is to blame your computer for accidentally deleting the email or Facebook entry that announced the accomplishment. Shame on us for lying to ourselves and our “friends!”

Sasha Scheer attempts to explain this by saying, “Once people surpass a level of success that you feel is superior to your own level of success, you may feel that tingle of jealousy and rage at one time, or maybe even hatred for that person.”  She goes on to add, “Jealousy is an unnecessary dog-eat-dog program in today’s abundant world, and in order to be successful in today’s abundant world you need to remove jealousy and actually praise the success of others in order to succeed.”

Ms Scheer informs is that when “you can accept others’ successes you will find that your subconscious starts to change the program inside your mind and you will not be so resistant to success, and thus you are more likely to succeed!”  In short, “Do everything you can to start filling your head with abundance, and celebrating others will be easy because you know by celebrating them, you tell yourself it’s okay for you to be successful! When we praise the success of others, we affirm to ourselves that we want success too; we connect the joyous feeling of praise with the act of success.”

I try to be positive and uplifting in my writing, but this subject is one that I continue to see at an alarming rate. People are keeping themselves from real joy all because they can not deal with others doing something good. I respectfully ask that you look within to see if this is true of you.  If so, make a decision today to be different in the future!

Diane Faber Veitzer proclaims, “We can either tear down another person’s success or be inspired by the example. We can choose to be Abel, or choose to be Cain.” She shares a method that she uses to celebrate the success of others. You can just look them in the face and say “Congratulations. You’ve worked hard for this, and you deserve it. May you have continued success.” This she adds is the hard part, “Even better, try to mean it.”

Bottom line: Leaders… Deal with it!  There will always be people who have accomplished more and most likely done it better than you. You can let it EAT you up. Or you can learn to celebrate with others and help them EAT their cake. The choice is yours! I believe in being a “Party Starter!”

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