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Why Your Personal Development May Suck & Hilarious Video You Won’t Forget post image

Is your personal leadership development¬†like a five-minute university? One of my favorite videos is from an old chain-smoking priest character called Father Guido Sarducci played by Don Novello. While Novello had many funny skits, Father Guido Sarducci’s Five-Minute University is the best. He offers a degree at “his university” that is based on what the […] Read more

Working For a Bad Boss

Note: See the video below of one employee’s solution to dealing with a bad boss. I don’t recommend it, but it is pretty funny. My “calmer” recommendations are below :) If you haven’t had one, then you are lucky. Unfortunately bad bosses are everywhere. Many studies have shown that the number one reasons people leave […] Read more

Bad Reaction to Annual Employee Performance Evaluation

Ever have one of those bad annual employee performance evaluations? This hilarious video might be a bit out there in regards to a reaction in a performance evaluation, but maybe not too far :) Year end performance reviews can be tough. They are often times filled with uncertainty for both the manager and employee. I […] Read more

Dealing with employee issues

For those managers that are not, or maybe those that are – but would like to solve employee issues quickly – I suggest the following video from this funny Mad TV skit with Bob Newhart. If only it were so easy.

Important Leadership Implications – Don’t jump to conclusions – Be careful

Have you ever had one of those situations where things weren’t as they appeared? This funny video is the perfect demonstration of that! Think before you jump to conclusions next time. Better to assume positive intent as a leader until you know differently. Leaders who jump to conclusions behave in ways that are not healthy for their teams, just as the actions of the guy in this video led to things that are not healthy for relationships.