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Gossip at Work

Gossip at work and evil speaking of others is not only unfair, but a poison that teams and organizations can’t afford to swallow and forget about. We would all be wise to stop the spreading of gossip, rumors and evil speaking of others dead in its tracks. Here is a great story I heard the other day.

Toothbrush and gossip have something in common

One of the most difficult challenges of any leader is to create a work environment where people get a long and feel safe from negative confrontation, backstabbing and gossip. Several years ago I was brushing my teeth when one of my kids informed me that my two year old son had used the very toothbrush that I was using!

Judging others can make you look stupid

We all do it from time to time, right? But when we wrongly judge others we can really look stupid. The reality is each of us has our weaknesses, and each of us has our strengths. Sometimes we get caught up in worrying so much about others weaknesses that we forget that we have our own too.

One year ago today we launched our new blog “Teamwork and Leadership Bloggings with Mike Rogers” with the intention of creating a community of people interested in teamwork and leadership in business, family and life.

Gossip and rumors not only hurts individuals, but it also affects staff morale. Gossip and rumors are usually the result of someone not having all of the facts. In many organizations there is a lack of clear communication. Sooner or later employees will see or hear some things that worry them.