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Goats and Teammates Have Something in Common, Happy Team

A new study by scientists at Queen Mary University in London has found that goats recognize different human facial expressions and discovered that they prefer happier facial expressions more than scowling. 20 goats were shown the same human face by scientist. One picture showed someone who was happy and another picture of someone angry. The […] Read more

Happy is a Leadership Choice

Very few jobs in a company are as lonely and as stressful at times as those with the title of “leader.” Can you be happy and lead? I believe the answer is always YES! Several years ago I wrote a fairly popular post titled “How To Be More Happy – 5 Things Leaders Can Start […] Read more

How To Be A More Happy Leader

Have you ever wondered how to be more happy? Grumpy leaders don’t make good leaders. You most likely won’t see happiness in a job description for a leader. However, it is a quality that makes a big difference in your ability to lead. Happy leaders are more resilient under pressure, they tend to be more […] Read more

There is something about a smile. The other day our family went on a vacation to a small amusement park about four hours from our home. I have younger children so we usually spend a lot of time on the kids rides. It was at least 95 degrees outside, a little humid, little Laughing kids everywhere screaming, crying, yelling, laughing… you get the picture.