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Everyone once in awhile I come across a truly inspiring personal leadership story that I have to share. Personal leadership is about taking charge of your own life. The title of “leader” is not nearly as important as who you are, what you are becoming, the obstacles you are overcoming and the way in which you share your story. Personal leadership is motivating to those who watch.

I am a child of god. What is your calling as a leader?

Great leaders have a calling; a purpose to what they do. A significant part of that calling is to help others become what they have been called to do. To see things they don’t see. My six year old son, who was four at the time of the below drawing, proudly came to us one afternoon displaying a self portrait titled…

Why should leaders tell stories? Because stories can convey emotion, humor and learning. They are interesting, captivating and memorable. They can be inspiring, motivational and life changing. People relate to stories and generally love them.

This video may not be a typical leadership story, but its lesson is inspiring and can help leaders realize that simple things can mean so much to a person whether they are journeying to eternal life, or sojourning longer in this one.

I Love Being Human! How about you?

Isn’t it great to be human! I love the positive about human nature. For the most part we are all loving and kind beings. I love this video clip I saw the other day, perhaps you have seen it since it has had well over one million views on YouTube. But this was my first time. “The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.” ~Margaret Carty