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A Matter of Integrity – Do What You Say You Will Do

Doing what you say you will do is a matter of integrity. A promise is a promise, right? How do you feel when someone says they will do something, and then they don’t? It is disappointing. That person always loses credibility in my eyes instantly. It can be something as simple as saying you will […] Read more

Trust leaders – Building trust

Trust is a fragile thing for a leader. People can trust leaders one day and completely lose trust the next. Trust is foundational to leadership. Without trust leaders have a difficult time getting people to follow.

The term leader is used loosely. Leaders leave legacies of integrity, caring, love, giving back more than they took and inspiring others to do the same; they have purpose and sustaining value. Leaders leave an impact on the things that matter most. not how much money they make or worlds they conquer. John Wooden was a leader in the purest definition.

In other words you can occasionally drop one and it will almost always bounce back, but drop the other four and they will suffer damage, possibly shatter.

But I wonder why the symphony of sympathy is always played in defense of others when they get caught? Wasn’t this more than a onetime mistake?