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Message to Leaders – Don’t Drop a Glass Ball

Glassballs A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post encouraging leaders to enjoy the moment, to focus on nurturing and strengthening relationships (click here to read that article). As a follow up to that post I want to share with you a neat little analogy I heard last week.

In life we have five balls that we are continually juggling, four are glass and one is rubber. In other words you can occasionally drop one and it will almost always bounce back, but drop the other four and they will suffer damage, possibly shatter. What are the four glass balls? Integrity, family, friends and health. The rubber ball? Work. What's critical in life is that we try never to drop the glass balls.

It is my opinion that leaders keep that perspective both for themselves and for those they lead.

What have you seen leaders do to ensure that their own and those they lead glass balls don't drop?

Mike Rogers

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