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Video Clip of Perhaps the Worst Leader you Have Ever Seen

After a break of developing teams in both Nevada and New Mexico last week, I came across a fairly new reality show on television titled "Tabatha's Salon Takeover." Wow! I found it to be a great reality show on team and leadership development.


Tabatha is a salon/team development/leadership consultant and coach who goes into hair salon businesses and attempts to transform the look of the salon and the team. In this particular episode she is working with an owner (Nikki) who is perhaps the worst leader you will ever see. Nikki is in denial that she is the problem, but clearly she is. At one point in the show (not in the following clip though) she states that she doesn't care about her employees. That they aren't her family or friends, they are basically just hair dressers. She doesn't believe in positive reinforcement and she spies on her staff with cameras!


I have included a brief clip of Nikki and Tabatha below. What would you say to Nikki?


Mike Rogers

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