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Leadership Development Training Seminars Leadership Class – Boring

Most leaders would agree leadership development is important. I would agree as well, but not the way most of it is trained. Many times leadership training is nothing more than what I like to call “Pay, Spray and Pray.” The participant pays to show up. The trainer then sprays what they have to say. And […] Read more

Management Training Leadership Training

If you are like me you have attended your fair share of management and leadership training programs over your career. In fact, if you manage managers, you have sent many of them through management training as well. There is one important thing though that isn’t discussed much in many of these management/leadership development programs. It […] Read more

Bad Training – Sleeping

There are two big problems that I see with most leadership training (not the type I do of course – wink). 1. Too much of what I call Spray and Pray. Too much talking and hoping that trainees will retain what they learned. Not enough interaction and application. 2. No accountability to applying what is learned after the training. People must be held accountable for applying what they learn to their jobs. No accountability equals little chance much will be applied.

Leaders are Servants

Leaders should always look for what they can do to bless the lives of those they lead, which will result in doing the right thing as a leader.

We are only limited by our beliefs. The best leaders help us realize we can do so much more than we believe. Whether your a leader in business, a parent or coach, it must be your mission to pull more out of people than they realize they have. That’s the difference between a manager and leader.