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manage your boss

Make your boss Happy, Happy Boss

Being a boss can be lonely, as I am sure most of you who read this blog can relate to. But it has its perks as well, right? You get to call the shots, get to choose when to come and go from work, get lots of money and many more. You’re with me, right? […] Read more

Working For a Bad Boss

Note: See the video below of one employee’s solution to dealing with a bad boss. I don’t recommend it, but it is pretty funny. My “calmer” recommendations are below :) If you haven’t had one, then you are lucky. Unfortunately bad bosses are everywhere. Many studies have shown that the number one reasons people leave […] Read more

Ways to manage your boss

Here are my suggestions on the how. I don’t think anyone would argue it isn’t a smart thing to do. Managing your boss effectively means she is able to effectively focus on the things that matter most. This is better for you, your team and the organization.

Manage you boss. Manage up.

Is it even possible to manage your boss? Sure it is. Managing is not just about telling people what to do. Managing others should include leadership by influencing, inspiring, recognizing and providing genuine feedback. It also includes understanding the weaknesses, strengths, personality styles, goals and needs of those you manage.