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Bad and Ineffective Meetings – Tip for Better Meetings – Leaders

Once while facilitating a team development workshop it occurred to me why we waste a lot of time in meetings. The team I was facilitating this workshop for included the President of the company and his direct reports. They were struggling with effective meetings like so many executive teams do. While we were discussing some […] Read more

Bad Meetings 8 Tips

Spinning off one of our most popular posts ever “8 Important tips to help you waste time in meetings – Make bad meetings worse!” (Close to 800 Facebook Shares as of today), I have included a more serious follow-up to these tongue-in-cheek tips below. At the end of this post you will also find a slide […] Read more

Bad Meetings – Make Them Worse – Meeting Mistakes

Since most of us need time to waste, I thought it would be beneficial to my blogging audience to provide eight tips you must, must, must incorporate into your meetings. They are legend in most meetings and will help you waste as much time as possible, I guarantee it!

Back in February I wrote a very popular post titled “8 Important tips to help you waste time in meetings.” I now have a 9th and a 10th tip to help you waste even more time. As I continue to observe these types of great time wasting tips, I will post them.