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Compliments by Leaders are Powerful- Power of compliement

Leadership is mostly about inspiring others to be more than they believe they can be. If leaders aren’t doing this, they really aren’t leaders. And here is the thing… it’s not that hard. There is one thing you can start doing immediately that will powerfully inspire others. Think about the last time someone said something […] Read more

A typical experience of a customer coming through their door would include the receptionist coming out from behind the desk and personally greeting them. Their name proudly displayed in the lobby welcoming them. And their favorite beverage presented to them. Such an experience would leave a lasting impact on any customer!

There has to be a point in which teamwork can’t exist because individual agendas interfere. But there also has to be a point in which team incentives are so great you have to put aside your own agenda for the good of the team. Maybe there is no balance; it’s one or the other?

One of our jobs as leaders is to inspire. Whether that is in our homes, volunteer work or business, our job is to inspire others to do greater things than they realize they are capable of doing or achieving. I love this video of Nick Vujicic, who was born without limbs, who is faced with challenges and obstacles every day. Nick is a leader. I hope this video will inspire you today, as it has me.