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performance problems

Performance Management System – Employee Appraisal

This is hilarious and got me thinking. Is there an idea here for a performance management system of some type? I have to think so. If this kind of car alarm can deter criminals, could we create some kind of employee performance system like it to deter poor work choices and behavior? Would it be […] Read more

Root Canal and Performance Problems

Prevent and treat performance problems for better team health! Do you hate going to the dentist as much as I do? When I was young man, about 18, I had an absolutely terrible experience. After the dentist had announced that I had two cavities he also told me that because I “looked like a man” […] Read more

Performance Problems Should Be Solved By The Team, Not You… post image

Have you ever had a performance problem you thought you fixed that didn’t get fixed? Many leaders fix problems by yelling a little, demanding that the problem be fixed, relying on their own judgment time and time again and in some cases just avoiding it all together.