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Since it’s Friday, here is something a little more lite. I found this wonderful and inspirational video created by ChaplinsViolin a little while back and really, really like it. Enjoy the video, I hope it makes your day better. Remember to smile “You’ll find that life is more worthwhile, if you just smile.”

The six tips below will ensure that you wipe any hint of a genuine smile off your face.

Here are the top three resons you should smile a lot more based on the research. 1. You can improve your mood by smiling (Bernstein, et al., 2000). Research has shown that people’s moods are affected by facial expressions whether angry or happy.

There is something about a smile. The other day our family went on a vacation to a small amusement park about four hours from our home. I have younger children so we usually spend a lot of time on the kids rides. It was at least 95 degrees outside, a little humid, little Laughing kids everywhere screaming, crying, yelling, laughing… you get the picture.