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My Top Leadership Video 2010

As we end the year I thought it would be appropriate to post my top five leadership videos for 2010. Each of these has inspired me in some way to become not only a better leader, but a better person.

Marshmallow Challenge

Find out why kindergartners outperform recent business graduates. Very interesting video. Maybe it is a challenge you might consider creating for your team?

Okay, lite Friday again. Here is a video of team building gone bad in a trust activity. Have you ever had a bad team building experience either as a participant or facilitator?

Okay, here are some funny, but sad photos of lopsided teamwork. Maybe you wouldn’t even call it teamwork. Maybe there is a “Man of the Year” award to be handed out here. Amazing!

Another Friday, which means it’s time for something fun and a little more lite. Here is an old short video I found the other day that shows how creative people can be with teamwork – even many years ago.