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Post on Focus and Priorities

As I was preparing for a recent vacation I had a choice to make. I was going to have a lot of time to read and relax, what should I bring to read? For some, that may not be too difficult of a choice. And in the past it wasn’t a difficult choice for me […] Read more

How to Increase Your Productivity – Best Video I Have Ever Seen on This! post image

One topic I love writing about is time management and how to increase productivity. I came across a video recently that has some really great stuff on how to increase your personal productivity and possibly your teams. I was just sharing a couple of days ago one of a handful of great tips in this […] Read more

Messsy Desk – Need to Organize Desk

Messy Desk? Clean Desk? Organized Desk? Does your messy desk look like something out of the reality TV show “Hoarders?” Do you tell people your messy desk is an organized desk? Is your clean desk really that organized? I have seen it all, as I am sure you have, from people with the messiest desk […] Read more

Waste time at work, time management,

Do you have a need to waste lots of time at work? Most of us are on the lookout for a tip or two from time to time, right?

Try this some time. When in your email in-box next time, press the shift key and highlight every email by clicking on the first and then the last email with your mouse. Then press the delete key. It’s magic! Everyone of them disappear. You now have more hours to do other things.