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What is Our Purpose? Do you know? 3 Questions

Your Teams Purpose

What is Our Purpose?

What is your team’s purpose? Simple question, but many teams have a hard time answering it. If you can’t define it then ask yourself this question – why does your team exist?

What is your family’s purpose? Ever thought about that question?

What is our purpose is one of the most important questions you can ask. Knowing what the purpose is to anything gives it focus and life.

Whether it’s the purpose of our existence, the purpose of obtaining an education or the purpose of sweeping floors – without purpose motivation will wane. Without purpose teams will lack organization and productive improvement.

Think about the last meeting you attended. What was the purpose? Can you define it? Chances are you might not be able to.

Most meetings fail because they are held for a purpose not shared. So we attend them because that’s what we are supposed to do. We inevitably find them a waste of our time where the same issues continue to be talked about again and again. Or we find ourselves asking what the meeting has to do with us.

Knowing the purpose of the meeting ensures that the right people are there and that the discussion is focused.

Do the people who follow you know their purpose? Are you communicating it?

Now back to your team. What is their purpose? Why does your team exist? Maybe you have a mission statement, which is usually a purpose statement. If not, then ask your team at the next meeting what it is?

There are a number of reasons a team might exist. They include the advantages of diverse ideas, stronger contribution towards decision making, support and improved resources.

But was is your purpose? Is it to implement an initiative? Is it to serve a customer? Is it to increase revenue in the company?

Here are three questions to ask to find your purpose. Finding it will help you set more focused goals and create greater driven energy on your teams.

1. What are the most important things we focus on as a team?

2. What do we have in common as a team? What are our common goals?

3. What would others say is our purpose?

As you ask these questions of your team it will become clearer as to who you are. Everyone wants to know who they are. Enjoy the process of finding out who your team is.

What ways have you found your purpose as a team? Would love to hear any other ideas you have. Thanks!

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