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What is The Greatest Secret to More Empathy? Absolutely Amazing Video!

Secreat of Empathy

Those of us who are leaders that care are always looking for ways to get better. Empathy is at the heart of being a leader that cares. What is the greatest secret to more empathy for leaders? I think I found it in the below video.

If it were possible to see what others are dealing with written across their foreheads, our world would be a different place. Instead, we have to really work hard at empathy by putting ourselves in the shoes of others. But working hard at it and developing it is possible.

Videos like the below help us realize that all of us have our own personal sad, sad moments. There isn’t one of us immune from adversity and challenges in life.

A number of years ago I was driving on the freeway with a friend when someone cut us off going at a high rate of speed. I became angry and complained a little bit and asked how someone could be so insensitive, selfish and rude! My friend just sat there listening not saying a word. When I asked him how he could be so calm he said something I never forgot.

He said, “How do you know he isn’t trying to get to the hospital to see his wife who was just rushed to the emergency room in critical condition? There aren’t many of us that wouldn’t drive a little faster given the same situation. I know I probably would.”

That’s it! And that’s what this video does a great job of demonstrating. If I can stop, think  and really try to understand, then I will develop greater empathy. Personally as a leader at home and work I need to do better. But I feel inspired to do a whole lot better after watching this.

Question: How have you worked on developing more empathy? Would love to hear what you think about the video as well.

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