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Lighter Side of Leadership

Effective Communication Leadership

I found this very funny communication video the other day. Communicating effectively isn’t always that easy. And the sad thing is that you may not even know you are not communicating effectively until it’s too late. Word choice, tone, clarity and timeliness are all factors to communicating effectively. In this funny communication video gone bad you will see poor choices made around all four.

Funny leadership story – seek to understand first

I heard a story the other day that reminded me of the need for leaders and people in general to seek to understand first before getting involved. In my years of observing leaders I have seen many of them jump to conclusions and get involved in issues way too soon.

Dealing with employee issues

For those managers that are not, or maybe those that are – but would like to solve employee issues quickly – I suggest the following video from this funny Mad TV skit with Bob Newhart. If only it were so easy.

Poor Leadership Communication Have You Down?

Here is a video to lighten up your weekend. Many problems in organizations could be avoided with clear communication. Often times others assume we understand what they are talking about when the truth is we don’t have a clue.

Annoying Conference Calls – Funny Video

If you are someone who is on conference calls as part of your job you will appreciate this comedy routine. What annoys you about conference calls?