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Funny Video – Watch What You Ask For! New Isn’t Always Better

Watch What You Ask For – Out of Order Toilet Paper

At times we tend to ignore the old due to the new. Like a shiny penny, new things grab our attention quickly and suck us in. We become devoted disciples of the newest gadget or system.

However “out with the old and in with the new” can quickly get us in trouble as the below video so humorously demonstrates. Most of the time there is just as much a place for the old as there is the new.

New time management systems are wonderful, but what about good old fashion discipline? Email has made us more efficient, but have we forgotten at times the value of picking up the phone? Sending a “e-Thank You” card may make someone feel great, but a simple handwritten “Thank You” card may make them feel even greater!

Out with the old and in with new also has other implications in the workplace. Unfortunately I have witnessed through the years in the news, corporations that have subscribed to this mindset as seasoned employees were replaced by younger employees to cut costs and bring in “fresh ideas.” While I agree fresh/innovative ideas are great, there is something to be said for a seasoned and experienced workforce as well.

And while none of them will openly admit to age discrimination in their hiring practices, it does exist. I am grateful to about 200 employers, from Google to AT&T to MetLife who recently signed a pledge to recognize the value and experience of workers 50 and older (see article in Newsday “Employees express perks of hiring older workers“). They recognize that there still is a lot of good in more seasoned workers.

The below video is very funny, but I think it makes an important point as well. While the tool you are using might be old, if it still serves it’s purpose then old is good. Watch what you ask for!

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