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If someone on your team is rude, try this instead… (Video)

frustrated teammate, angry member of team, rude teammates

I have always firmly believed that you can get a lot further with someone by being kind than being mean.

We used to have a sign by our door that said, “Your name is always safe in our house.”

But, easier said than done, right?

It’s easy to be rude to members of your team if they are rude to you. It is easy to get angry at team members if they are angry at you. It is a lot more difficult to be kind and understanding if members of your team aren’t kind and understanding to you.

Taking the high road pays bigger dividends long term.

The following video demonstrates how taking the high road can diffuse a difficult situation. It’s not always easy to be kind when someone is not so kind or even threatening (as is the case in this video), but it can make a big difference in the long run.

In a world where many are choosing to take the low road, including the media on every side and platform, it is refreshing to see others choosing to take the high road.

We need more high road kind of people.

We need more people who make every effort to understand, instead of always trying to be understood. We need more forgiveness, instead of judgment. We just simply need more love, than hate.

In fact, sometime we just need to give a hug 🙂

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