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My Favorite Captions for Funny Leadership Photo

Wow, the response to a request for a funny leadership and teamwork caption for this set ofBadleadership photos has been great! Thanks to each of you who submitted your caption. You can see all of the submitted captions in the comments section of my original post which can be found by clicking here.

All of the funny leadership and teamwork captions were great. The following are some of my favorites. Please take the time to comment below and let us know your favorite. You can simply submit the name or copy and paste the quote.

The winner will be announced next week. This has been a lot of fun. Thanks everyone.

"Follow me boys! One mind is always better than 10."

Gayle Gregory

"Do as I do and you'll be fine."

"If you would just work harder, you'll be fine. Look at how well I did crossing that grate."

"Well, some of us survived that change."

John E. Smith

"Lead, Follow or ….. Whoops!"

"Downsizing in a downy economy…"

Monique Morimoto Flaherty

"If you assume you know your people and find you're wrong, the day may come when they are gone."

John Castagna

"The team was always too big anyway…"

Andrew Duvel

"I promise there won't be any downsizing. Now follow me! Hey! Where did my team go?"


"Was once told to create a "thinking" team, not a "yes" team – maybe I should have listened."

Susan Ballard

"Following isn't always what its quacked up to be."

R W Post

"Come on, guys. These performance goals are not impossible. I could do it pretty easily."


"Got leadership?"

Brenda Keefer

Mike Rogers

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