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There is something to learn from everything and everybody and those leaders who learn the most are those who are humble enough to learn from what others believe there is little to learn from. Unfortunately, many of us never learn everything we can learn because we overestimate what we believe we already know. You might have […] Read more

Humble Leaders Shaking Hands

There are many important qualities great leaders should have, but one of the most important is humility. Humble leaders care just as much about the senior leaders in their organization as they do about those at the lowest levels. And the greatest and most humble of leaders not only care about them, but their families […] Read more

Bad Boss – The Opposite of a Humble Leader

Is being a humble leader rare these days? Hopefully not! I am sure you will enjoy this quick and funny leadership video below. Humility in leadership I am sure you would agree is important, but what is required to be a humble leader? Here are six of the attributes I consider necessary for leadership humility. […] Read more

Leaders Really Want Feedback

I have two questions for you. First, are you a leader who asks for feedback from others on your performance? And second when you ask for it do you genuinely want it?

Are You a Humble Leader?

In my last post I wrote about caring leaders. Another important characteristic of a caring leader is humility. Are you a humble leader?