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Free Hugs Love and Leadership

I found this inspirational leadership video gem the other day. This is a story about Tim who is the phenomenal owner of the restaurant, Tim’s Place. What makes it all so very special is that Tim has Down Syndrome and is the only known owner of a restaurant with this disability. You will see why […] Read more

Humble Leaders Shaking Hands

There are many important qualities great leaders should have, but one of the most important is humility. Humble leaders care just as much about the senior leaders in their organization as they do about those at the lowest levels. And the greatest and most humble of leaders not only care about them, but their families […] Read more

Leading With Care – Sugar Beet Leadership Story

Are you Leading with Care? Great Leaders Care! I believe most would agree that there are big differences between managers and leaders. Leaders can’t be effective without leading with care and helping those they lead feel valued. I recall a story I had heard several years ago. A farmer and his workers had just finished […] Read more

How to care more as a leader.

What leader would you rather have? One who really cares, or one who doesn’t? I would assume the answer to that question is pretty obvious to most. If you ever had a leader who didn’t care you know how difficult it can be to follow.

Mothers Care Leaders Care

For many of us the greatest leader in our life was our mom. Mothers care, and they lead like it. They do so with love, by example and with courage. Mothers are often our primary developers, nurturers, teachers, coaches and support. Abraham Lincoln said it best when he said “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” It is my opinion that a mother’s care is Heavens model of leadership.