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Inspirational olympic leadership story

With the 2012 Olympics in full swing and many uplifting stories of triumph, overcoming adversity and sacrificing so much surfacing every day, here is one from the past that you won’t ever forget. And if you have already seen it or heard about it, this story will uplift you up again – I promise.

Everyone once in awhile I come across a truly inspiring personal leadership story that I have to share. Personal leadership is about taking charge of your own life. The title of “leader” is not nearly as important as who you are, what you are becoming, the obstacles you are overcoming and the way in which you share your story. Personal leadership is motivating to those who watch.

Important Leadership Implications – Don’t jump to conclusions – Be careful

Have you ever had one of those situations where things weren’t as they appeared? This funny video is the perfect demonstration of that! Think before you jump to conclusions next time. Better to assume positive intent as a leader until you know differently. Leaders who jump to conclusions behave in ways that are not healthy for their teams, just as the actions of the guy in this video led to things that are not healthy for relationships.

One by one Leadership

I made the statement that each of us have the power to lead no matter who we are or where we sit. We have been blessed by hundreds, perhaps thousands of leaders in our own life and have had the opportunity to be a leader in hundreds of others lives. I like to call this a one by one leadership approach. We all have the opportunity to be leaders in some capacity.

Leaders Care Video

I am happy to share with you a video based on a very personal and true story of two of my children that taught me a great deal about the most important factor in leadership – caring.