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Warning To Leaders and Aspiring Leaders! Don’t Waste It Please…

Unlocking Individual Potential

We have all seen it, heard stories of it, and/or possibly personally lived the life of it. What is the “it?” It is wasted leadership potential.

Do you desire to be a leader with more influence, to have a greater impact on someone’s life, or to change an organization for lasting good (not intended to sound like a commercial)? Don’t waste your potential then. If you don’t take the steps to become the type of leader you want to be, you most likely won’t.

Many of us throw away the choice gifts and talents we have been given and therefore the opportunities that could be ours for a number of reasons. Whether it’s due to lack of action, confidence, hard luck, or maybe even a lack of courage; stop letting it hold you back! Stop wasting your potential.

Here are six suggestions that will help.

1. Don’t wait. If you really desire something, then start acting like you already have it. I know, sounds crazy right?

For example, maybe you desire to be a leader and haven’t had that opportunity yet. When you start thinking, acting and even communicating like a leader people will begin to see you as a leader and the opportunities will come.

Maybe you are already a leader, but want to become better, then start thinking, acting and communicating like that type of leader.

2. Be courageous and seize. Once you start acting like you already have it, opportunities will come your way. Muster up the courage to pounce on them, every one of them.

3. Act with integrity. Do what you say you will do. Be consistent in who you are both publicly and privately. Being true to yourself and to others is about being a person of character you and others can trust. Leadership is short-lived if people can’t trust you.

4. Develop yourself. There isn’t a gift and talent in all of this world that can’t use polishing and development of some kind. Read, study, attend classes, do whatever is needed to improve upon what you naturally have and to discover what you naturally don’t.

5. Surround yourself. Surround yourself with positive people you aspire to be like. Find a mentor, hire a coach and/or join a group of like-minded people. These people will help you see the path clearer because many of them have already walked it.

6. Tell your boss. It is important that your boss understands your aspirations. If she is good at what she does, she will take the time to help you get there.

The reality is you may never live up to your 100% full potential as a leader because after all the process of perfection is the realization that you have far more to learn and do then you ever realized the closer you get to it! But you can get much, much closer to it than you would by idly dreaming about what could or could have been.

Instead, take and embrace the opportunities to make a big impact and difference in someone’s life. Do it today and don’t wait until tomorrow.

Question: How do you help others live up to their potential?

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