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positive reinforcement

The leadership superpower of positive reinforcement.

Leadership Superpowers come in many flavors and types, but there is one that all leaders can and must have. The Superpower of positive reinforcement. This morning I was in my little boys room when I discovered something that highlighted again the simplicity, but also the important effectiveness of this superpower. The following note was hanging by […] Read more

Positive Reinforcement Praise Kudos Great Job

Kudos, Praise and Positive Reinforcement is Universal. I just returned from a 2.5 week trip to Mozambique, Africa where I worked with a mission group (made up of 10 folks) to build a new church from the ground up. Despite the nearly 20K miles traveled, the experience was well worth the investment. We chose to hire […] Read more

This next example has a little bit of a different spin on the power of positive reinforcement. My wife has regularly told me I am handsome throughout our marriage. Now, I know what I see in the mirror every morning, and it’s not even close to prince charming.

Power of Positive Reinforcement – Powerful Video – Smile

I came across this absolutely amazing video the other day on the power of positive reinforcement. I have always felt that one of the most immediate in results and effective things a leader can do is provide genuine and timely positive reinforcement.

In this particular episode she is working with an owner (Nikki) who is perhaps the worst leader you will ever see. Nikki is in denial that she is the problem, but clearly she is.