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Are you a Leader? You are a Leader! Big Time Leader?

Are you a leader? Big time leader?

Are you a Leader? You are a Leader!

Everyone is a leader and has the potential to be a big time leader! One of the reasons I love this blog is the opportunity I have to make a difference in someone’s life. I love seeing people succeed, that is probably the reason I went into corporate education and enjoy  coaching so much. It is my passion.

I often feature some of whom I consider every day, but big time leaders on this blog. People who may not even realize they were orbig-time-leaders-coach are leaders, but they are. The story of Richard Rowland Kirkland, a compassionate Confederate Sergeant during the American Civil war. Or Charles Steadman, who inspired an entire student body with his kind and thoughtful act. Or the story of Narayanan Krishan who demonstrated what the power of love can do.

The reality is we all have the power to lead no matter who we are, or where we are leading. Most of us, if not every one of us has blessed someone else’s life through our influence. We have someone who looks up to us and listens to what we have to say.

Everyone is a leader because everyone influences someone. ~John Maxwell

I have had hundreds and maybe thousands of leaders in my life. Some I have met, others I haven’t. But each has one thing in common, they have had an influence on me. They have inspired me to work harder, or to not quit, or to big-time-leader-momchange things. Think about the hundreds or perhaps thousands of leaders in your life that have influenced you. You might start with your parents, your kids, a grandparent or Aunt. Or maybe you had a wonderful coach, teacher or priest. Or maybe you have had a co-worker or two, a manager or someone you managed. Or maybe someone on television, a book, a movie or a magazine has had an influence in your life. Think about it, there are hundreds in your life. I call these big time leaders. Most of us may have never met your big time leader or even heard of him or her, but they are the substance of who you are.  

Are you a big time leader? If not, you can be by simply caring. Caring enough to share with others your life lessons, caring enough to share your knowledge, caring enough to be there.

You are a leader!

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