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Most Popular Posts of 2013 – Best of 2013

Our Teamwork and Leadership Blog enjoyed a great year in 2013. With close to a million page-views this year we are quickly becoming one of the most popular leadership blogs on the internet. Thank you for your kind notes and support. We blog because of you! Here are five of our most popular and in […] Read more

How to make employees feel special – Happy, Happy, Happy Applause

My wife and I just got back from a trip to Louisiana for a family wedding. Honestly, I’m still trying to wrap my head around what I observed at the “Duck Commander” warehouse. As of late we have developed a liking for the A&E TV show called “Duck Dynasty.”  So, we drove 90 miles out of our way […] Read more

Bad Boss – The Opposite of a Humble Leader

Is being a humble leader rare these days? Hopefully not! I am sure you will enjoy this quick and funny leadership video below. Humility in leadership I am sure you would agree is important, but what is required to be a humble leader? Here are six of the attributes I consider necessary for leadership humility. […] Read more

Have More Fun at Work

Fun at Work Can Relieve Stress on Workers. Stress on workers is at an all time high. What we need is to create a little more fun at work! I know some of you will laugh or make sarcastic remarks at such a suggestion. But aren’t we just a little too serious? Making work fun […] Read more

Effective Communication Leadership

I found this very funny communication video the other day. Communicating effectively isn’t always that easy. And the sad thing is that you may not even know you are not communicating effectively until it’s too late. Word choice, tone, clarity and timeliness are all factors to communicating effectively. In this funny communication video gone bad you will see poor choices made around all four.